Jet Ski Rentals Near Myrtle Beach

“Cape Charles, Virginia is a place I love to visit, especially when the jet ski season is in full swing. This area has some of the most unique water sports activities in the country. The area is home to the US Open of Golf, a tournament with a history dating back to 1875. There’s also a Dolphin Tour jet ski, boat, kayak and paddle board rental from Cape Charles, Virginia.”

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“Paddle Boarding, Beach Kayaking & Jet Skis on The Grand Strand: Cape Charles, Virginia is a great place to paddle or jet ski in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. The beach area is a popular surfing spot and for that reason is a popular place for water sports activity. It’s a very different feel than Virginia Beach. There aren’t many people wearing bathing suits in the Grand Strand. There is more family oriented activities, so it’s a great place for families to go.”

“Dive Briefly: Jet Ski rentals from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The waters are nice and shallow, and the conditions are perfect for families and couples going jet skiing, but don’t get carried away – there are still other attractions in this area as well, and the waters are not suitable for diving. Water sports from North Myrtle Beach are plentiful, including: parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, wake surfing, kite surfing, boating, jet ski rentals, fishing, jet ski lessons, and more. There’s also a jet ski dolphin tour myrtle beach in myrtle beach. The Intracoastal Waterway Authority manages and protects the waterway.”

“A Day on the Beach with Dive Tours From Myrtle Beach” by Greg Wells, author of A Day on the Beach with Dive Lessons, a Myrtle Beach guidebook. “The Intracoastal Waterway Authority manages the public access to the Intracoastal Waterway. Some times there is limited access to the water due to high tides or other events.

“Dive Briefly: Jet Ski Rentals From North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina” by Greg Wells, author of A Day on the Beach with Dive Lessons.” “I’ve been to the North Myrtle Beach area several times and while the rental prices aren’t as expensive as others, the jet ski rentals are a bit expensive. The best jet ski experiences are at Waitsfield State Park. It’s a great park for the whole family and it offers many water sports and activities.”

“Myrtle Beach’s Best,” written by Debra Morgan. “Myrtle Beach is known for its watersports – water skiing, banana boats, wakeboarding, and jet ski rentals. I like banana boats because they offer so much versatility. There are different levels of slides for different skill levels and the ride is thrilling. If you’re looking for a romantic setting, go to the Half Moon Lagoon where there are picnic tables, bathrooms, and a playground.

“Nirvana” by Sandy Smith. Smith takes a good look at some of the amenities available in the current marketplace. “Even if you’ve never tried jet skiing, you probably know someone who has or would like to try it. Even if you don’t own a boat, watersports rentals make sense. You can go almost anywhere that water sports are offered – right from paddle sports to jet skis to wakeboarding.”

“Wakeboarding on a Whirlpool” by Danforth. This one discusses both jet skis and banana boats. The author gives a short overview of wakeboarding and then goes into a detailed description of the equipment needed to go about this activity. These boats are usually plywood hinged together with PVC pipes to form the boat and are relatively expensive compared to other forms of water sports. These types of boats can also be rented rather easily.

“Learn to Fly, Learn to Swim – Be the Wave” by Pam Dawe. This article gives an inside look at some of the popular watersports in Myrtle Beach and gives a description as to how to rent them. This is another great book on the subject of wakeboarding. This book is available at most RV resort Park outlets. It is also available online in PDF format.

“Wakeboarding on a Whale” by Holly Hayden. This book is definitely the all time favorite wakeboarding book. This book provides an in depth description of jet skis and the boats used for waterboarding. A whale watching cruise is also mentioned in this book. This book is not only a great resource for anyone interested in the sport of wakeboarding, but it is a fun read for anyone who wants to know more about the boats used for waterboarding as well.

These are three of the very best books on the subject of jet skiing or wakeboarding. There are several other excellent resources that I would encourage you to check out in your search for rentals near the Myrtle Beach area. Jet skis, boats and other water sports gear can be rented from a wide selection of locations throughout the Myrtle Beach area. All of these rentals can help improve your vacation and make your trip more enjoyable.