Different Types ofwatersports For Summer

A lot of people are enjoying water sports during their summer vacations. It can be so much fun participating in water sports with your family and friends. You may want to rent a jet ski, kayak, canoe, snorkeling gear or any other water sports equipment you think you may need for an upcoming watersports trip. When you are thinking about water sports, there are a few things you should know to make sure you get the best trip possible.


Pee Passes and Peroxide Jackpots – These two great pee passes and pee spot products have earned rave reviews from everyone who tries them. With a single day of use, your body gets rid of thousands of pounds of excessive water weight and flushes out impurities deep into the body. This is one of the fastest ways to relieve stress and keep your body relaxed for a terrific summer vacation.

Jet Ski Vs. Kayak Rental – While jet skis have come down in price recently, they still cost way more than a decent kayak or canoe would. In the watersports field, you’ll also find that jet skis are much less stable and can make a silly mistake every now and then. If you’re going to spend all day getting out there in the open ocean and the ocean starts to form around you, it’s hard to sit in the same spot for hours and enjoy your watersports experience. Go with a kayak instead!

Golden Showers and Pee Pass – There are many types of water sports, but most are all about getting the golden shower. This is the water jet ski experience, where you’re sitting in a chair elevated above the water, racing against the current for as long as you want, up until you hit open water. This water sports experience is exhilarating and fun for most people, and it’s expensive for a single hour. A nice idea is a pass that will allow you access to all of the major watersports for an entire day at a low annual fee, allowing you to enjoy the golden showers over again without spending an arm and a leg on the day.

Get Some Pee With Us -pee pads are a popular thing to bring along when taking water sports. You can get very sticky after just a few hours of being out there, so it’s nice to be able to wipe off some of the water as you go. If you don’t have a lot of cash, the best option is to rent a couple of urine pads and use them during your day. You’ll likely end up getting quite a few using this method, as people love to watch and be amazed at how high you can jump and squat.

Golden Shower – While a golden shower isn’t as common as it used to be, it’s still worth mentioning. There are two different types of watersports, where people can participate, kink and poo. If you’re into the idea of peeing in public, then this may not be for you, but if you like to take showers, then you’re in luck.

Kink: Kink involves you urinating in a container that is transported to a holding tank where you can sit down and enjoy the show while waiting for the urine to drain. The downside of having a kink watersports experience is that you typically only get about thirty minutes of viewing time, as the stream of urine slows down considerably as it moves into the holding tank. This can work out well for people who love to take lots of showers, or for those who want to do a spot of research before heading out to the water. Either way, this is one of the more unique kinds of watersports out there.

Poopie: Poopie is a very unique sport. Instead of a person urinating in a container, he or she urinates on an actual pooper scooper that travels around the lake or ocean. The beauty of this sport is that while you’re sitting around in a relaxing mood, you’re also letting loose with your own wee load. While this can be a great way to release stress, it can also be dangerous if you don’t watch what you’re doing.